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The story of a boy and a letter indicating a house outside the city. Why should he go there? Why does he have some marbles in his pocket? In this short adventure, a dramatic and forgotten truth will be revealed. The truth of a time still alive in some letters, even though it has passed somewhere because you know... time never stops.

Installation and run

Extract the content and run Game.exe


  • Left, Right, Up, Down to move
  • Space or Enter to interact
  • Shift to run
  • ESC for pause
  • ALT+Enter to switch fullscreen/windowed


  • Development and story
    • dreamer1988
  • Music (albums and tracks)
    • Ludum Dare 28 by Tallbeard Studios
      • Track 6
      • Track 7
    • Ludum Dare 30 by Tallbeard Studios
      • Track 1
      • Track 5
    • Ludum Dare 32 by Tallbeard Studios
      • Track 2
    • Ludum Dare 38 by Tallbeard Studios
      • Track 8
    • VGMA July Daily Challenge by Tallbeard Studios
      • July 19th
  • Graphic and audio effects
    • RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

Game developed with RPG Maker VX Ace

Links: https://tallbeard.itch.io/music-loop-bundle

If anyone needs help with any puzzle, comment below and I'll answer you. I'm willing to prepare a walkthrough if needed.


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Letters from a lost time.exe 308 MB
Letters from a lost time.zip 311 MB


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I streamed your game last night. Overall, I enjoyed the music that you used - the piano was really nice, but the game play felt dull and like nothing was ever accomplished. Each round of "I Spy" ended the same with the player learning nothing, and the plot not progressing, making each search feel like nothing short of a waste of time.

Anyways, you can watch my full experience with your game below. Use the time stamps to skip to when I start playing your game.

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I had a request for help in finding the plant in the gardens. I recommend that you look carefully between the plants because there is one disguised among other similar ones (however, it is visible and different from the others.).

The solution here: